Saving on Freight is Not Just About Price – It’s About Choice

Studies show that most shippers do not rate shop – but those who do spend 15-30% less! Our software makes rate-shopping across multiple carriers a snap.

Discounted Rates for

  • USPS
  • Regional Carriers
  • UPS

USPS Priority Mail

  • Costs 30-50% less than FedEx or UPS Ground Residential
  • Is 35% Faster than FedEx or UPS Ground Residential!
  • Now has 97% as Many Real-Time Tracking Events as FedEx and UPS

Flat-Rate Pricing up to 70 Lbs

  • Overnight
  • 2-Day
  • Handles anything up to the size of a shoebox

Automated Registered Mail

  • Only $0.10 per $100 Insurance up to $150,000 per Parcel
  • Fully Automated, Digital FIRM Book
  • New, Improved Tracking!