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Faster, better, or cheaper? With TransGuardian get all three.

Our game-changing software makes it so easy to navigate all shipping options, doing it the old way is just a waste of time and money.

With TransGuardian, you’ll spend less this year than last year. Every year.

Our online, multi-carrier wizards let you:

  • Pay less than carrier-direct freight and insurance.
  • Select Express Mail, Priority Mail (including Flat Rate to 70 Lbs), FedEx, UPS, or Regional Carriers.
  • Mix and match services to find the Best Way to ship in all circumstances.
  • Book carrier pick-ups online.
  • Drop off parcels at any manned UPS Store, FedEx Kinko's, US Post Offices or any TransGuardian Office.
  • Pro-actively track packages using a simple, powerful multi-carrier interface.

Finally - a better way to ship.

TransGuardian’s policy, arranged by Wells Fargo Insurance Services, covers up to $150,000 declared value per parcel worldwide.

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Finally - a better way to ship.


LA Office 550 S Hill, Suite 103, Los Angeles California

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550 S Hill St, Lobby

Los Angeles CA 90013

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LA Office 550 S Hill, Suite 103, Los Angeles California

Diamond Dealers

Club of NY

580 5th Ave.

10th Fl Lobby

New York NY 10036

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Use online, audio wizards to comply with USA PATRIOT Act regulations for jewelers. Document & archive every step of your compliance online in case of a Treasury audit. The most user-friendly, quick and effective Patriot Act Compliance (PAC) tool available for the gem and jewerly industry. Register (free) to learn more.

Use Restricted Person Screening (RPS) Service as an instant, affordable, meaningful way to Know Your Customers. With one click, check names or company names against 13 international watchlists, updated nightly, for money-laundering and terrorism and archive your results on your password-protected TransGuardian account. No more ineffective query letters to buyers or suppliers! Register (free) to learn more.

Preserve a secure, clear chain of custody & control when shipping. Once locked, the Digital SmartBox opens only for your password-authorized recipient, using a randomized, unique code downloaded via the internet.


“The Diamond Dealers Club of NY has concluded an agreement with TransGuardian to provide its Members with Secure Shipping Services, Credit Risk Insurance, and Patriot Act Compliance tools.” - Lou Rohde, Manager of Member Services, The Diamond Dealers Club (NY)

“Ignoring US AML regulations is like failing to get a flu shot – the potential fines, penalties and disruption to your business aren’t worth the risks. TransGuardian’s AML solution is user-friendly, well thought-out and appropriate to our industry.”- Joseph Khafi, Past Chairman of the Board, The Diamond Dealers Club (NY)

"TransGuardian is doing great things for our industry that no one else is doing. They have developed vital tools in diligent cooperation with our Club." - David Marcus, President Emeritus, The Diamond Club West Coast, Inc.

“I have reviewed TransGuardian's Patriot Act Compliance Program and consider those who train themselves and their staffs on it and follow its teachings with care will greatly reduce their legal risks and the risk that they would be used by money launderers or terrorists.”- John W. Moscow, Esq., Partner, Baker & Hostetler, (NY)

"TransGuardian is always the best way to ship." - Somad (Sam) Azemoon, Pink Diamond, Inc., LA

"We absolutely love TransGuardian shipping!" - Giantto, LA

"I was bowled over by the impressive capabilities of TransGuardian! I signed up for Patriot Act Compliance and Secure Transit Coverage on the spot!" - Nishith Choksi, Sparkle Gems, Inc., LA

"This is an exceptional program. I recommend it."
- Ritesh Lakhi, GemGlow (The Lakhi Group), NY (Sightholder)

"The Patriot Act wizards are great! They are very easy to use and cover the whole range of the Regulations. You get totally knowledgeable in 45 minutes and feel completely confident about your state of compliance."
- Hitesh Shah, StarAsia, New York (Sightholder)

"This is an excellent facility that is easy to use. It's especially good for all jewelers to keep them safe from money laundering."
- Jit Jariwala, Jewel Goldi, NY (Sightholder)

"Everybody should love to do these Patriot Act wizards; compared to other systems, it's like watching TV vs. reading a newspaper."
- Gopalakrishnan Swaminathan, Jewelex, NY (Sightholder)

"The online shipping is very innovative and user-friendly. That, plus their USA PATRIOT Act compliance tools and excellent customer service make TransGuardian the perfect business solution for our thriving company. Keep up the good work!" - Shahla Tehrani, Jay Diamond Inc., Los Angeles

"You have made a very thorough, user-friendly product. It's quite an effective way of getting Patriot Act compliant. Not time-consuming like other programs." - Meir Levy, Levy Diamonds, Inc., Los Angeles

"This system is easy to understand and quite informative. I was skeptical at first, but now I really understand what the Patriot Act Regulations require of us."
- Herman Adler, Adler & Co., Los Angeles

"TransGuardian's wizards are user-friendly, informative, and helpful to our business. Now we feel we know what the US Treasury expects us to do."
- The Management Team, STS Jewels, Inc., NY

"TransGuardian explained Patriot Act Regulations to us very clearly in a way that was extremely helpful. Now I feel very comfortable." - Milan Mehta, Disons Gems, Inc., NY

"We looked at another system for getting Patriot Act compliant, and it left us confused and concerned. Working with TransGuardian, we are confident that we understand how to abide by the Regulations, and we have acquired a new discipline in the day-to-day activities of buying and selling." - Mehul Shah, Shivani Gems and Vice President of IDCA-NY

"I love this program! It's wonderful." - Bhupendra Mookim, S.P.B. Gems Inc., New York

"Well thought-out, user friendly, and appropriate to our industry. I recommend TransGuardian."
- Ravi Gopalan, Amikam-Paras, New York

"Self-explanatory, really convenient, and very simple. Im very glad I use TransGuardian. Really cool!" - Saurav Shah, S.S. Diam, New York

"Really an excellent program." - Viral Domadia, Dialuck Corporation, NY

"I looked at another solution, and I was completely baffled. I used TransGuardian's Patriot Act wizards, and I was totally at ease and got my compliance set up in 90 minutes. This is a real service to our industry. TransGuardian deserves a medal." - Tarun Jogani, Syndicate Gems, Los Angeles

"Informative, succinct and thorough introduction to the intricacies of the Patriot Act Regulations."
- Roopam Jain, President, Simply Diamonds, New York

"TransGuardian empowers us to look at our business in a new way."
- Ketan Doshi, Saral Diamonds, New York

"TransGuardian has done a fantastic job of creating these wizards to help the independent jeweler comply." - Curt Parker, Curt Parker Jewelers, St. Louis, MO

"This online program is very well laid out. Even a 'dummy' can follow it. The system is inexpensive, really easy, and support is only an e-mail away."
- Dan Warren, Jackson Square Fine Jewels, San Francisco

"TransGuardian's Patriot Act compliance tools are an excellent and much-needed service. They are very balanced and show a real understanding of our business." - Lisa Eitani, L.A. Gems, Los Angeles

"Very easy to use for Patriot Act compliance." - Vipul Udani, Earth Star Imports, Los Angeles

"TransGuardian is perfect for our daily business needs." - AJ Saini, Mobu Gems, Los Angeles